Is a Rhinoplasty Clinic Right for You?

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A rhinoplasty clinic should be sought if you need any type of nose restructuring. You can reshape your nose to not only help with the physical features of your nose, but cosmetic surgery also helps to fix any internal issues. Most people would seek a rhinoplasty clinic if their nose was too long, too wide, has a bump, or causes breathing difficulties.

In the past, most rhinoplasty patients were celebrities or high profile individuals. However, now it is much more affordable and common among the average male and female. The rhinoplasty procedure in most cases is quite simple. The surgery involves the removal or implantation of small cartilage and bone. Typically it is an outpatient or overnight procedure. Depending on the degree of reconstruction, anaesthetic may be needed.

The incisions made during the surgery occur inside the nostrils which makes the scars and healing time minimal. Side effects consist of swelling and bruising around the nose and eyes, but you can expect to return to work and your daily activities just two weeks after surgery.

Where you can find a reputable rhinoplasty clinic will depend on your location. In most circumstances, these types of clinics are found in heavily populated areas. It is important that you choose a board certified plastic surgeon, a list can be found on the American Board of Plastic Surgery. In your initial consultation inquire specifics about your surgeon’s board certification and special training.

Rhinoplastic surgery cost

The cost of rhinoplastic surgery varies due to several different factors. The geographic location where the procedure is performed will be directly reflected in the cost. As well as the surgical fee, anaethesia fee, and facility fee. It is hard to estimate the cost until you discuss the specifics with your surgeon. However, the typical rhinoplasty procedure can range from £2,000 to £10,000. Revision rhinoplasty surgery is even more costly.

Upon your first consultation with your surgeon, you will be made aware of the expected outcome of your surgery. Some surgeons may even offer the patient a digital image of the expected results. Additionally, it is most important that the patient clearly understands what the surgery can not change.

A rhinoplasty clinic offers one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. As long as expectations are reasonable, the patient will be very pleased.