Rhinoplasty surgery process

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Rhinoplasty is frequent plastic surgery option, often used to make the features of the face more proportionate. One might visit a Rhinoplasty clinic to correct misalignment caused by a broken nose or a genetically imperfect nose. Rhinoplasty is usually chosen to make one or more changes to the shape or size of the nose.

These changes can include making the nose bigger or smaller to more proportionately fit the size of the face. A rhinoplasty surgeon can also change the shape of the tip of the nose or alter the size or shape of the nostrils. Usually, a successful rhinoplasty procedure can raise the self esteem of the recipient and provides a better self image. Though a visit to a rhinoplasty clinic usually a few visits to consult, complete the procedure and recover, the results last for a lifetime.

Rhinoplasty (nose job) procedure

A visit to a rhinoplasty clinic for a procedure can cost anywhere from a few thousand to over eight thousand dollars. In some cases, such as rhinoplasty that is a medical necessity, the procedure can be partially covered by insurance. There are risks, as with any surgery, which can range from bleeding and mild infections to allergic reactions to anesthesia. Each patient, prior to surgery, is carefully screened and consulted to determine the exact changes that need to be made to repair the shape of the nose or make changes to provide a more proportionate face. Rhinoplasty surgical procedures, without complications, generally last for a few hours under general anesthetic.

Rhinoplasty surgery is done using one of two methods, open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. Open rhinoplasty procedures allow the surgeon to make alterations to the nose through an incision made in the skin between the tip of the nose and the upper lip. Closed rhinoplasty allows the surgeon to make changes to the nose through an incision made in the nostrils.

To start the procedure, using either method, separates the end of the nose is separated from the bone and cartilage connected to the portion of the skull between the eyebrows. Recovery from rhinoplasty surgery generally requires three to seven days of down time, depending on the extent of the changes made to the nose.

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